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Hi and thanks for this service.

I was successful in moving my nameservers to cloudflare. I have two related questions:

  1. I have two more domains that are aliases for the main one. They currently use the web host’s name servers. Should I also move them to Cloudflare’s? (The URL’s resolve to the main domain so I GUESS not?)

  2. The other question is under my ZONE information (IPv4, NS, MX, etc.), I again have my host’s name servers. Should I also move these to cloudflare’s?


  1. It’s totally up to you. I have ~= 10 domains that I use for various purposes. Most of those I have moved to Cloudflare so I can manage them all in one place. I find that to be easier (convenience).

  2. Can you clarify where this is and for which domain (for the domain hosted on Cloudflare or no?). On my host… Dreamhost even for domains I host @ Cloudflare there are some some DNS records there. For the most part I have just left them alone as they don’t impact anything. There are some circumstances where they could… and then it might be reasonable to delete them, otherwise I treat it like the check engine light on my car (put a piece of tape over it and ignore it).


I have one pair of domains that are the same website. I have both of them set up at Cloudflare. In this situation, the browser shows the domain the user typed in, so that’s what Cloudflare is going to cache.

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