Nameservers and dns- unsure

Im unsure on how to proceed…or if I need too. I thought I would join cloudflare as Ive tried everything I could read and find to battle form spam on my site. I understand how to change nameservers on my registrar (dnsexit)…but they are currently pointing to my hosting co.

If I change them and point them to cloudflare, how am I gonna get it to my hosting? is there gonna be somewhere in cloudflare that I put nameservers to my hosting to point https requests?

You would change your nameservers at your registrar to 2 Cloudflare nameservers that you will be given when you add the site to Cloudflare.

You put the DNS records (A/AAAA/CNAME) that point to your hosting in your Cloudflare DNS, see…

You do not put your host’s nameservers in the Cloudflare DNS (unless you know what you are doing to delegate subdomains).


Ahh, ok…I think I understand now Thank you.

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