Hey All

I am trying to change the nameservers for my domain from, to, because have made a seperate account for that domain.

But cannot change the nameserver at dk-hostmaster, keeps showing, and the new ones does not shows.


Any suggestions?

You should contact your Registrar’s support team about this issue, that looks like a pretty bad UI if you can’t remove old NS’s.

I have tried to new nameservers from another supplier, but when i trying to change back. I still gets the old nameservers.

So the error is at Cloudflare, not dk-hostmaster.

hmm, is this a support ticket subject perhaps?

So when you change nameservers to the new ones (one being the GUI instead reverts back to your old CF nameservers?

Yes, that is correct.

Then im not sure how that would be a CF issue. The registrar’s GUI not updating is probably something with your registrar.

You should contact Cloudflare’s support. This zone appears to already be using Cloudflare and your registrar is looking for the value to be different than the current one before it will approve the change.

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