Nameserver was removed from Cloudflare and cannot get back onto Cloudflare


I have a domain registered on Gandi and have had it set to have External Nameservers on Cloudflare for a number of years. On June 5th, 2022 I received a notice from Cloudflare that the Nameservers for my website no longer point to Cloudflare.

However, I have always had the correct Nameservers configured in Gandi to direct to Cloudflare. I own the domain still and there is nothing that could be related from my side in terms of a user interaction. DNSSEC was not turned on at this point.

I tried to create the domain on Cloudflare yet again but I am told “This zone is in a pending state and contains proxied records.”. I waited 48 hours to be told that the nameservers still do not point to Cloudflare. I took the Gandi Nameservers, deleted them and put them back in just to see if it would trigger the propogation.

What other diagnostics should I be looking into? I cannot figure out why this happened.

Cloudflare cannot set your nameservers. If you set the nameservers and your registrar does not list them, you need to contact the registrar.

For a domain to validate on Cloudflare, it needs to point to the right nameservers.

What’s the domain?

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