NameServer Updates won't work

I have my original domain names registered in GoDaddy and I want to create website names for them in Cloudflare based on sending email. . I updated the nameservers in GoDaddy to be the same as my original website name servers in Cloudflare. Now that the sites were created, Cloudflare is instructing me to change the nameservers, but when I try to do this in GoDaddy, Godaddy will not save to the new names. I spoke with GoDaddy support and they indicate they no longer control the domains and the change must be made from Cloudflare. But, I don’t see any way to do this. How should I proceed?

What is your domain?

Trying to set up four sites:
Funnelmetrics .co, .biz, .info, .net

.co, .biz, .info are set to

Name Server:
Name Server:

.net is set to


If Cloudflare is asking you to change the nameserver to do something different, you have to do so at your domain registrar which is still GoDaddy, follow this guide to do so.

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