Nameserver updates are not reflected


The nameservers are changed in my domain registrar (namecheap) and when I conduct a quick dns tracing test using online tool “”, the requests do go through the provided nameservers. However, the requests get rejected by the nameservers saying “Query Refused”. I have made sure that I am using the correct provided nameservers. To summarize, the nameserver changes are not being recognized by cloudflare.

Your domain is not active on Cloudflare, hence the nameservers were not assigned. You first need to add the domain to Cloudflare.

I have added the domain. It just shows that the nameserver update is pending. the nameservers provided are “” and “”. It’s been more than 24hrs since I have completed the steps.

Post a full page screenshot of

That is neither a screenshot of the URL I posted nor the domain you posted.

And the server for that domain is actually not properly configured. You first need to fix the server certificate.

The issue is solved now. Thanks for your help :smiley:

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