Nameserver updated, but not found by CF

Dear community,

I’m running into an issue with one of my domains:
I have several domains (mostly .nl domains) with the same registrar where also this .cc domain is registered. I managed to have all nameservers for the .nl domains pointing to CF without any issues. However the .cc domain shows that it points to the CF name servers, but CF doesn’t recognize the site just yet after ˜4 days…
“dig NS” also shows that the nameservers are updated.

Does anybody have any clue what else I can try to resolve this?


The nameservers are correctly set but your DNSSEC setup is broken

You’ll need to fix that at your registrar’s and set the values provided by Cloudflare.

Thanks, I can see the trouble there. You’re saying that this also causes CF not to recognize the domain?

I don’t have DNSSEC enabled on any of my other domains with CF, but I’ll try to either disable DNSSEC on this one or enable it with registrar. So far my registrar is not very helpful :confused:

You’ll either need to disable DNSSEC at your registrar or set the correct values instead.

I’ve disabled DNSSEC yesterday, but so far no luck in detecting in CF. How long is a change like this supposed to take effect?

Disabled where? The registry still announces DNSSEC.

If you really did so you might want to contact your registrar for clarification.

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I had DNSSEC only enabled in CF under the DNS section. So I disabled it there.

The registrar is pointing at CF, “they can only enable DNSSEC if their (registrars) nameservers are used”.

As I said

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