Nameserver updated but no signs from cloudflare

Hello, i have updated my nameserver from my hosting account (it’s been more than 24h) but Cloudflare still doesn’t validate my site…

What should i do?


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Usual mistake. You didnt set the nameservers at your registrar, but created NS records at your host. You need to do the former.

Can you explain that in simple? :blush:

I am not sure how more simple I can explain it :slight_smile:

You created NS records at your host. That was the wrong thing to do. As explained at you have to change your nameservers at your registrar.

You will laught at me but what’s my registar?

The place where you registered the domain.

Seems to be your host in this case as well. You probably changed it at the wrong place in the UI. It is best to contact your host and ask where you need to change that.

Goctha, all clear, thanks, so i can reset my nameserver at my hosting?

Possibly, but where exactly you need to clarify with your host/registrar.

The point is, you need to change the domain’s nameservers, not just add NS records.

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Alright, thanks for the quick support

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