Nameserver Update

My Domain is registered with Cloudflare. I don’t have access to the Nameserver Records.

My challenge now.

My account showing “Pending Nameserver Update” after changing to new host. Of which I have updated/change the IP.

Help me.

Any help

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What is the domain? Can you send some screenshots of your settings?

This is not helpful.

You said I should provide you with the site name is your website?


You people should enable access to the domain nameserver so that someone can easily change name servers.

Did you add your domain in your CF panel? can you send a screenshot?


Only the domain registered with cf is having problem to activate

That domain needs to point to Cloudflare DNS records provided to you (some pair like and There should be some place in your registrar panel (here Cloudflare) to set those NS records (I have no domains registered with CF so cannot tell where to look)

There is no place in Cloudflare

@sdayman or @domjh may know where it is.

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You can see the nameservers in two places normally. If the domain is not active, they are normally on the overview page when you first select the domain, asking you to change the nameservers from and to. Also, if you can’t see them there, if you co to the DNS tab and scroll down past the DNS records, they should be below there.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t read this entirely, if the domain is registered with Cloudflare, and the nameservers point elsewhere, then you will need to contact support to deal with this. It can sometimes be an issue with the transfer to Cloudflare Registrar where the old registrar resets the nameservers on the way out.

This domain, however seems to already point to Cloudflare. (Gerald and Desi nameservers).


Are you trying to add this to a different account? The nameservers are set to the Cloudflare account with and nameservers.

When I check using intodns to check the nameserver is already Cloudflare Nameserver, but not active in my Cloudflare dashboard.

Can you post a full screenshot of the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard, masking any IP addresses?


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What about below that? Do you see a nameserver pair?