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Hey everyone

Hey everyone I’m a newbie to domains, DNS, etc. A colleague of mine gives me his domain because he no longer needs it.

Since I am not familiar with Cloudflare, domains etc, he told me that I should create an account with Cloudflare and that he then configured everything for me.

Now the question is, is the forwarding configured correctly? It stands: Name server update is pending.

Do I have to change anything or do I just have to wait and see?

Thanks a lot

Hi there :blush:
I’m also waiting for verification still pending but i think we just have to wait, should be sorted soon i hope.

Hi @dinojan56,

If you have changed the nameservers at the domain registrar, then you should just need to wait. They currently point to and, are those the ones you are being asked to change them to?

Some common issues can be found in:

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My friend who hosted the Domain from said to me, that he cant change the Nameserver with Cloudflares. He written the Support from and there Support means to him, Cloudflare must activate the Nameserver. Please help me

What nameservers are you trying to change them to? If it’s not Iris and Andy then you may have a problem, especially with a de domain.

Hi There,

I just want that Cloudflare update the Nameserver to


Hey there. Im sending the screenshot from nitrado.

Nitrado says, that the Nameserver from Cloudflare are not right konfigurated.

You already have Cloudflare set as your DNS, check:

You need to set your IP on Cloudflare to point to your web hosting provider.

Thanks for writting back, but I cant login in my old Cloudflare Account… also I created a new Cloudflare Account. What Can I make that the issue is solved?

Did you have the domain name on your old account?
Did you just update your nameserver to
I did a DNS check again and see that it is now set to use as nameserver.

Yes I had the Domain on my old Cloudflare Account and I had transfer it at the past to nitrado and I want transfer now the Domain in my new Cloudflare Account. The reason is, I cant login in my old Cloudflare Account

If you are moving a domain from one account to another, you need to update the nameservers to the ones on the account you are moving to.

Some European registrars have an issue with this, which is detailed in the post I linked to at the start of the thread.

The previous name servers come from Nitrado and the domain is also up-to-date with Nitrado, why can’t they be updated to my new Cloudflare account? What do i have to change? Nitrado says that it is not configured correctly on Cloudflare. What is not correctly configured on Cloudflare?

Are the nameservers you are trying to change to (listed on the new account) andy and iris or are they a different pair?



Iris and Andy must to be updatet to tessa and uriah

Ok, that explains the issue then. Cloudflare are responding on andy and iris and your registrar clearly wants to check the nameservers before changing them. Please follow the steps in the #Tutorials post I linked to earlier in the thread, you will need to either contact your registrar or Cloudflare support.

I have written whit Nitrado Community Support and they says, that this is the current Nameserver.

My question is - why is in the cloudflare iris and andy?

They must have been previously used on that domain. You will either need your registrar to make the necessary changes, or contact Cloudflare support and wait for them to verify you and purge the domain.

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