Nameserver Update Pendings

Hey everyone

Hey everyone I’m a newbie to domains, DNS, etc. A colleague of mine gives me his domain because he no longer needs it.

Since I am not familiar with Cloudflare, domains etc, he told me that I should create an account with Cloudflare and that he then configured everything for me.

Now the question is, is the forwarding configured correctly? It stands: Name server update is pending.

Do I have to change anything or do I just have to wait and see?

Thanks a lot

Hi there :blush:
I’m also waiting for verification still pending but i think we just have to wait, should be sorted soon i hope.

Hi @dinojan56,

If you have changed the nameservers at the domain registrar, then you should just need to wait. They currently point to and, are those the ones you are being asked to change them to?

Some common issues can be found in:

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