Nameserver update on pending for 2 days


we are evaluating Cloudflare by using a german TLD. Right after the registration, we replaced our old NS settings by the ones provided by Cloudflare. Now we are on pending status for 2 days. Checking the domains via dig brings up proper settings. Is that the expected time to wait?


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Whats the domain?

Hi sandro. It’s

You havent set the Cloudflare nameservers yet, respectively you set them at your host and not your registrar.

Oh, I did set them at the registrar two days ago. When you dig the domain, you can see them. That’s exactly my problem.

Are you sure? I still get inwx nameservers from the registry.

The same from the .de registry’s whois

Wow, that’s really strange. Google‘s dig (Dig (DNS lookup)) gives me Cloudflare‘s servers. I really don’t get it.

That is because that request goes to your inwx servers where the Cloudflare nameservers are configured.

Just reaffirming - this is querying the root nameservers:

$ dig NS              86400   IN      NS              86400   IN      NS              86400   IN      NS              86400   IN      NS              86400   IN      NS

Ok, thanks guys. I‘ll keep on searching and I’ll post when I found out what’s wrong.

Did you register the domain at inwx? You probably have changed the DNS settings there, instead of the actual nameservers. Check that out and I guess it should be fixed quickly.

Hi guys. Thanks for leading me to the right direction. When using INWX as registrar, you can change Nameservers in several places. The place that needs to be changed für Cloudflare is “External Nameservers” (in german: “Externe Nameserver”).


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