Nameserver update not recognized

Hello, I changed my nameservers a few days ago and still get the message that the nameserver update is pending. To my knowledge it should have already recognized those changes after more than 72 hours. I also checked for any typo or some mistake like that but there is none. So I don’t know what the problem is…can anyone help me with this?


Thanks for the help so far. I think now I understand what the problem is, described in the article, but I don’t see a different way to actually properly change the nameserver on Ionos (1&1). Any experience with changing it on Ionos?

You will have to contact them for that, I am afraid.

I did and they said everything was changed correctly and that I’d have to ask cloudflare for support

In that case I’d recommend to transfer the domain to a competent registrar :slight_smile: as it is not “changed correctly”, as evident from this call

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:        nameserver =        nameserver =        nameserver =        nameserver =

I looked at it again and I think this was actually a stupid mistake of mine:
The domain was bought at a different company and in order to host it on Ionos I changed the namesever there. Now wanting to change it to Cloudflare I tried to change it on Ionos, which is probably the mistake. So now I logged in, where I bought the domain and changed the nameserver there. I hope that will fix it.

Update: That was the mistake, it’s now fixed!

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