Nameserver update not being recognised by Cloudfare trying to transfer domain

We are trying to transfer a domain name to Cloudflare. Fully understand that it might take 24 hours for the name servers to update, but this has been a week now and Cloudflare still hasn’t recognised the change on our other provider. We have tested using 3rd party tools and the name servers are showing as they should. Any suggestions?

@AdeTea contact your domain registrar and ask them to remove the one non-cloudflare nameserver and you should be good to go.

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Hi there. Both of them are the Cloudflare ones:


Ran this via some external tools and that’s what shows. Seems Cloudflare is not picking up the change for some reason

also had to put a space in on the name servers to post in here, but there is no space in the actual account

What is the name of the domain?

whois is returning 3 nameservers, the correct 2 from cloudflare and Name Server: NS22.DIGICERTDNS.COM. Perhaps check with the registrar to make sure that one is removed.

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