Nameserver Update is still Pending

I want to change my Domain Hoster to Cloudflare. I followed the instructions and changed the Nameservers but it already took 36+ hrs and it still says “Nameserver-Update pending”. I even got the transfer code from Shopify but I cant transfer without having a domain in my Acc.



it is topace-agency .com

Afraid you did not change the nameservers. It’s still using Google.

Then you need to contact them to clarify that.


Are they even your actual registrar?

So i originally bought the domain from google. Then i changed that to shopify yk?
I dont know what tucows domains is…

You need to contact them and clarify it. You need to change the nameservers at your registrar.

and what is my registrar?
isnt that shopify?

Only you can know who your registrar is. The listed one is Tucows.

But i dont even know what tucows is? I bought from google and then made a shopify acc and hosted the domain there. Now i want to host it on cloudflare… i dont know what i did wrong

As mentioned

As long as your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers, it won’t be active on Cloudflare. You need to clarify this with your registrar or whomever you bought the domain from.

I bought it from Google but it is hosted on shopify. I cant visit DNS Settings on my Domain on my Google Domains Acc. I can only visit DNS settings on shopify so i assume this is my registrar? Who do i have to contact to solve the issue?

That would be google but why google if I cant even visit DNS Settings there?

As mentioned more than once, you need to clarify this with your registrar. Cloudflare is not involved here.

As you said i have to contact the one I bought it from. But if I visit google and want to make a domain Transfer, it says that I have to pay to do that, therefore it isnt my registrar obviously?!

So who is my registrar? It obv isnt the one i bought it from?

Once again, nobody here can tell you where you bought the domain from. The listed registrar is the one already mentioned. You need to clarify this with them, Cloudflare is not involved at all here and not the right place to contact.

As for Cloudflare, your nameservers are still pending, because that’s what they are, as your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers. Once they are correctly set, the domain will work on Cloudflare.

Thanks anyways