Nameserver Update for Volusion

I have a volusion website, that automatically generates nameservers. The nameservers for my volusion website are both hosted by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is stating that i need to update the nameservers in order to connect with its website and I’m concerned.

If I update the nameservers on my Cloudflare account will it disconnect me from my Volusion store?

You can’t update the name servers Cloudflare assigned to your account. It’s strange that a host would randomly assign Cloudflare name servers. Is this for a subdomain?

If it’s for the main domain, then maybe they want you to change the name servers at your domain registrar.

SO i looked at it again, and you are correct they want me to update the name servers in the domain regisrtrar. Cloudflare says to repalce the current nameservers i have… but my website says if i do that it will disconnect me.

I saw that namecheap allows me to add multiple servers so what would happen if i just added 2 more nameservers to my domain?I uploaded screenshots

You’ll probably end up with inconsistent DNS, plus Cloudflare won’t allow it. It sounds like Volusion has their own Cloudflare setup that you’re required to use for their service.

What exactly would Cloudflare not allow? I need to be able to update and change record files in my domain, but Cloudflare says it cant connect without the nameservers updated.

So if i make Cloudflares nameservers 1 & 2; & I make Volusions nameservers 3 & 4 it would have a negative effect, even though all 4 names are connected to Cloudflare?

Only two Cloudflare name servers at a time. In your case, it sounds like Volusion will only let you use the two that they’re using.

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