Nameserver update for site using Cloudflare registrar

I registered a site using Cloudflare’s own registrar, it gave me two nameservers. However, for my site to be active it says I need to replace these with “Cloudflare’s Nameservers” and gives me two different ones.

I had thought using Cloudflare’s own registrar would give me the correct nameservers – however apparently I need to now update them which seems to require the Business plan. So, my question is – is this correct or am I missing something? Do I need to upgrade to the $200/month to be able to change the nameservers for a site I registered using Cloudflare’s own registrar?

IIRC you don’t need to add a CloudFlare Registered Domain, it gets added by default and should show with your other sites on your Home.

It does show with my other sites, but it shows as “pending nameserver update” (the active one is a different site).

And when I click into it, I still get the “this site isn’t active, setup nameservers…” message:

This looks like the registration is still ongoing.
Is the domain only recently registered?

@whistles it’s been about a month, it was registered on Nov 9th and I received an email from Cloudflare saying it was successfully registered.

Without the domain name only Support can investigate further I’m afraid

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