Nameserver update action required

I have a question, as suddenly I’m being asked to update my nameservers from:


My current nameservers are already Cloudflare nameservers and I don’t really understand why I’m asked to update my old Cloudflare nameservers to new Cloudflare nameservers. I haven’t received any information or communication about this change, so I really don’t know if I have to do this and why.

Anyone can explain this? Did Cloudflare change it’s nameservers?


Nameservers usually do not change. Did you add your domain to a new account?

What is the domain?

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Thanks for your fast reply. I’m helping out to figure out the current situation, therefore I unfortunately don’t know the history of the domain / configuration, but yes, it might be possible that the domain was added to a 2nd account and might already exist on Cloudflare. This could be the reason why the suggested dns change is from dns to other dns. The domain I’m talking about is:

If the domain was added to a second account, then that’s working as expected.

Right now the domain is active for the nameservers lex and liz. If your account mentions others, it’s most likely a different account.

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Ok thanks a lot. I will try to get access to the 1st account and take it from there. Your help was much appreciated.

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