Nameserver stuck on Namecheap on after domain transfer

I recently transferred my domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare. The problem I’m currently facing is that the Namecheap nameservers are still associated with my domain. I have the following NS associated to my domain according to ICANN.

LEAH.NS.Cloudflare.COM:, 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3A81
JAY.NS.Cloudflare.COM:, 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3B7B

I currently have no NS set up for my domain in the admin UI. My registrar according to ICANN is Cloudflare, Inc.

How do I remove these nameservers from my domain?

You need to contact support, so they can manually remove that.

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