Nameserver Still Doesn't Seem Active...v

There is a problem with this domain. But I could never understand where the problem was.

I can access the domain using mobile data.
However, there is no access via DSL connection.
When I query via intodns, everything is normal.
It appears to be directed to Cloudflare dns.
There are hundreds of domains on the server. All active. I just have a problem with this domain. And I couldn’t find a solution to this. Could you please guide me on this?


you need to either disable DNSSEC at your registrar or activate it on Cloudflare and update the DS value at your registrar.

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Thank you for your support. I checked the necessary sections. But I could not find such a settings section in my domain registrar.

Then I would recommend you ask them how to change this setting, because Cloudflare is not going to work until you change it.

I cannot intervene in this situation from the panel. They deleted the required record and the problem was fixed. Thank you very much for your help too.

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