Nameserver doesn't exist and cannot be created

I have tried to change the default nameservers from the default setting to use custom. In following up on the status, I found the following status update in Cloudflare:

Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)
Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:

I entered the above nameservers in the custom nameserver fields at my hosting provider (Justhost/Bluehost and whoever else they’re joined with) and got the following error:

Nameserver doesn’t exist and cannot be created. Then, the custom nameservers above are blanked out the the default options are not changed.

Can someone please give me some insight on how to resolve this? Much appreciated.

Well, obviously I could not see the forest for the trees. In big bold letters, I found that the nameserver was spelled incorrectly… I copied/pasted the names in and they were successful. All is well.


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