Nameserver setup

Dear Support Team!
My website:
06/01/2020, I replaced with Cloudflare’s nameservers:
Today, 09/01/2020, My domain has not been activated yet.

Notification: "nhamaylien is now queued up to be re-checked. Please check back in a few hours. You’ll also be notified by email once your site becomes active.’’
Please, help me!

Hi @thucphuonga4, this is a community of cloudflare users, to reach Support, login & go to and select get more help.

I see the change with a dig:

$ dig ns +short

But whois returns different results:

$ whois

Did you change your nameserver names with your hosting provider or with your domain registrar? If your registrar, you may want to contact them to see why there is an issue. If your host, that won’t help, you need to change them at your registrar.

Edit: Actually, that zone is on a partial partner setup where you don’t change nameservers. Only the partner with whom you added cloudflare can assist.

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I will contact them about issue.
Thank you very much!

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+1 & please let us know how it goes. It does appear there is a nameserver change in process but with the partner setup you don’t want to have the registrar change them.

They have helped me succeed. Thank you very much!

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