Nameserver Setup - Didn´t find Nameserver

I tried to use the given name server via my provider dashboard and I get this message:

“Nameserver “” ist auf mindestens einem Nameserver nicht eingetragen! Bitte wenden Sie sich an den Betreiber der von Ihnen eingetragenen Nameserver, da hier vermutlich eine Fehlkonfiguration vorliegt.”

How can this be. This is my second Domain I want to add. The first one was easy to add.

Thanks for help.

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Without knowing your domain, we cannot check this.

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Sorry :slight_smile:

Did you previously activate that domain on Cloudflare?

% dig ns +short

It would be best to delete the ‘old’ version of the zone if it is unused and under your control. Some registrars check that the Nameservers that you are configuring are actually authoritative for the zone before allowing you to change the nameservers (particularly in Europe). The only solution there is to contact Support directly.

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Okay, thanks. I will contact support directly.

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