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So I’m just an contractor, trying to manage a website that someone else built and set up and we needed to update a DNS record. Well, after MUCH research I discovered that the site was pointing to cloudflare for the nameservers…except when I log into cloudflare it was never set up…there is no domain listed, no websites connected, nothing. How has the website even been up all this time?! What am I supposed to do to get the DNS updated?

It’s quite possible it’s on another account. If all information on that other account is lost, you can use a new account, then update your domain WHOIS info to point to those other name servers.

* You can always try the “Forgot your email” option from and it will send a reminder to the email address associated with that domain’s account.

The account exists - just that nothing seems connected? so like I log into the clients account, and I can’t manage the dns because the domain isn’t connected. Is it possible that the previous contractor set it up under their own account with the intention of eventually transferring it but never getting around to it?

That’s what it looks like.

Thanks for the insight - This whole process feels like everything was partially done.

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