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My host provider directed me to Cloudflare to obtain SSL certification. I understand that process must begin with updating the name servers to Cloudflare and the instructions indicate this has to first be done with ICANN Whois.

Understandably, the information there is Read Only. Can anyone direct me as to how I can change the name server information at ICANN to Cloudflare ??

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Hi @ditmars46,

This is done with your domain registrar, which should also be shown in whois data.

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your registrar please?
Where did you buy that domain?

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Hi huyhoa !!

Thanx for taking the time :blush:

My registrar is A2 Hosting and the ones I pay to host my site. They also handle all the managerial and administrative issues relating to my site. Their suggestion that here (Cloudflare) is where I can resolve my SSL issues and Cloudflare’s suggestion that this community is where I could best seek such advice is why I’m here.

Yes, I do feel like a bouncing ball :joy::joy:

A2 Hosting offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL. Don’t you already have that on your site?

Hi sdayman !!

Thank you for taking the time and your question.

Let me summarize as succinctly as I can. This entire situation arose because I learned that visitors attempting to reach my site by Googling its title (Rafael Suspense Writer) AND who used Mozzila’s Firefox browser, received a message that Firefox considered my website unsafe and unsecured. It allowed no further access and suggested contacting the host provider.

A2 Hosting then confirmed they in fact do provide free SSL Certification but isolated the problem to traffic flowing from Cloudflare with whom A2 apparently has some type of contractual arrangement to provide SSL Certification for traffic arriving at A2’s servers from Cloudflare’s servers.

A2’s and my attempts to reconfigure Cloudflare to provide SSL certification for their part of the traffic flow resulted in Cloudflare deleting the links between it and A2. That is when A2 recommended I contact Cloudflare support. They in turn referred me to a document that stated in order for the link to reconnect I would first have to complete a Nameserver switch from A2 to Cloudflare’s servers.

That went nowhere because I do not know how to get ICANN Whois to change the listed Nameservers for my site.

I understand Cloudflare’s Nameservers are:

And so I am here because Cloudflare Support stated I should come here first before they will get involved.

I am more than willing to do the work others are getting paid for and my heartfelt thanks to those of you who do so out of a generosity of spirit.

So my first obstacle is how do I get ICANN Whois to change its listed Nameservers for my site ?? Pointing me to documentation detailing how it’s done will be more than helpful. :blush:


There should be two name servers. Julian and one other, if that’s what the instructions in your account stated.

Use to get the IP addresses of your two Cloudflare name servers.

Based on everything you wrote so far I’d only have one suggestion I am afraid. Change your host.

Nothing of what you quoted from your host is even remotely coherent and it would seem as if they just combined some random canned responses. You won’t need Cloudflare to host your site and you should only sign up for it if you really need its performance features and know what you are getting into. Your host’s advice is way too “generic” and random to be followed.


Hi @ditmars46,

In addition to @sandro’s answer, I’d like to mention that some of our hosting partners allow so called CNAME setups which would not require you to change your nameservers and use Cloudflare through a DNS record.

I’d recommend checking back with A2Hosting for instructions on how you can enable Cloudflare with their hosting or by creating your own Cloudflare account. If there’s an issue after enabling Cloudflare, just let us know and we’ll figure out how to fix it.

Also, in regards to the ICANN WHOIS change, that’s usually done at your domain registrar (the company you registered your domain at). They provide an option to change your name servers and will list it in WHOIS for you.


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