Nameserver, registrar, CNAME and clickfunnels

Hi everybody,

I created a funnel on Clickfunnels and I set up everything there. The website is not working, blank page.

Here on Cloudflare, I added the CNAME (
This same address is used to set up the domain on Clickfunnels.

Where my domain is hosted, I can’t change the nameserver with the ones Cloudflare is giving me (I checked with the support there, they confermed).

Is the not changing namserver name the problem?
I did some things that the support from Clickfunnels told me, but nothing is working.

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Are you already using Cloudflare for your domain?

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What do you mean exactly?

I created a subdomain where my domain is hosted

What @sdayman was asking, is whether your Domain’s DNS is going through Cloudflare. I.e. are the nameservers set to Cloudflare?

It may help troubleshoot if you are able to share the domain with us…

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What I’ve been able to do (I hope), is to redirect the domain’s dns to Cloudflare, which redirect it do clickfunnels.

The domain is

I’m not able to change the nameservers with the ones that Cloudflare gave me (I know on godaddy you can change the nameservers). If the rest is correct, I believe that would be the problem.

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Your nameservers on that domain are currently set to and not Cloudflare. Back to the original problem, the fact that the site appears as a plain white screen is nothing to do with Cloudflare as your traffic isn’t even going through them.

You will need to change the nameservers to Cloudflare if you want to use their services.


Since I can’t change the nameservers, I’m going to change the game. Building a website on another portal, using clickfunnels with another domain.

Thank you for the info and replies.
Have a great 2019!

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