Nameserver redirecting to old hosting site

hello, please help me, i have recently shifted my website from old hosting site to new hosting site. i have pointed my domain to new web hosting site and its working properly. but when i try to point my domain to Cloudflare nameserver, instead showing pages from new hosting its shows pages from old hosting site.

if u cant understand what i m trying to stay. here is example:
my website is abc,com earlier it content hosted on freehosting,com after some time i changed my hosting to googiehost,com i have updated my namesever and pointed it to googiehost, com and its working fine. but whenever i update my nameserver to Cloudflare nameservers and try to acess my website abc,com they show pages from freehosting,com

i don’t know why this is happening and how to solve it please help me…

Flush your DNS cache. Mostly the TTLs are set to 24 hours (86400 seconds) or more.
On Windows

WIN+R > cmd > ok
ipconfig /flushdns

If you moved to Cloudflare recently:
It can take 24 hours or more until until the nameserver propagation is completed.

Just guessing.
Would you mind telling us the domain in question?

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