Nameserver Question: Setup for 3rd Party Hosting Service

In order to use a hosting service I just purchased, that service says I need to point to their name server (plus 3 more: ns2, ns3, ns4).
I read that Cloudflare doesn’t allow this, in which case, how does anyone use a hosting service to setup their website? Make no sense. Please help. I thought I could change DNS records using the free service.
(I searched again and again for an answer to this question and have only found references to changing nameservers to Cloudflare but not related to setups for a 3rd party hosting service.)

You cannot use any hosting service that requires the use of their nameservers with any domain registered using Cloudflare registrar.

Any hosting service that requires the use of their nameservers is going to require a Cloudflare Business or Enterprise subscription.

Well, I guess I made an epic mistake thinking transferring my domains to Cloudflare was going to work. My understanding was a domain’s records could be altered, even on the free account (which isn’t free, I’m still paying for the registrar service).
So, unless I pony up $2400/year there is really nothing I can do with Cloudflare as my registrar except park my website here. Do I understand that correctly?

It depends what records you want to change. Normally, you update the relevant hostname records in your Cloudflare DNS, which works just fine, even on the free plan. If the addresses you need aren’t provided in your hosting control panel, you may need to contact their support to see if they can provide the necessary information.

Thanks. I setup the A & AAAA records (once I found the IP addresses buried in an obscure part of the hosting platform’s website) and that seems to be enough to redirect to the webpage.
So, I guess that’s all I need and I don’t need to change the nameservers anyway (but I’ll look at the tutorial to be sure).

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Actually, since you seem willing to answer questions, here’s a question I have as the result of looking at the tutorial:
For the A & AAAA records, I currently set them up with “www” and “ActualDomain.Name” but the tutorial made it look as though I only need to put an @ sign for the A and AAAA records and that covers it. (I’m talking about just the TLD, not a subdomain.)
Should I just use an @ sign and just have 2 records or does having the “www” and “” also help?

The @ is expanded to If you want the site to be accessible at you will need a record for www as well as @.

OK, so 4 records: Each A and AAAA points to @ and www (and that covers everything, at least for the TLD)?

It covers the apex name and the www hostname, which are the common choices for web site names. Typically you want to choose one as the “official name” and redirect the other to it.

Actually, I’d never thought about it that way…gtk!

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