Nameserver Problem - endless Nameserver pending - Cloudflare's nameservers broken?!


Im trying to set up cloudflare on my website. But cloudflare always says “Pending Nameserver Update” (for 4 days now). When i try to choose the cloudflare nameservers on my Domain hoster it always gets this error message:

“The specified name servers do not match the list of configured name servers for this domain. Please correct the NS entries of the domain … on the name servers or contact the administrator of the new name servers.”


I´m running another web project where this problem didnt appear and cloudflare works fine. But for my second domain this error is somehow unsolvable. My domain hoster says the problem is caused on Cloudflare’s nameservers site.

So what can i do?!

Kind Regards

Whats the domain? My assumption would be it is either a .de, a .dk or a .it and is already associated with another Cloudflare account.

Which nameservers were you told to configure?

Hey Sandro,

the domain is
And you´re right. The domain already got a cloudflare account in the past via another e-mail add.
I´ve deleted the old cloudflare account now and updated the new one with another dns query refresh.
But it´s still pending on namesevers.

I actually have 3 nameservers on my domain hoster. Cloudflare said i should delete 1.-3. and put
the mentioned cloudflare nameservers in nr. 1. and 2, at my domain hoster.

Kind Regards

You deleted the account or removed the domain from it? Currently Cloudflare still announces the previous nameservers. It might either take a bit until they drop those, respectively announces those from the new account or it might require some intervention from support.

Considering that support will take some time to respond anyhow, I’d already open a support ticket and clarify that.

Ok, thanks!
I just removed the domain from the first account. The older account still exists.
My Domain hoster now accepted the nameservers from cloudflare.
But its still pending in the cloudflare account and when i try to cache my
cloudflare cache on my website (wprocket), it says:

“Sorry, you do not have access to purge cache for that zone id or that zone id is invalid”

Kind Regards

But zone id should be correct. I double checked it.

Currently Cloudflare still announces the previous nameservers. But you could switch them at the registrar now nonetheless?


Are you really sure? Your whois still shows the previous nameservers as well and a DNS lookup against the registry returns udag nameservers.

Yes, the domain hoster says it accepted the nameservers from cloudflare and its updating them in their own registry. Its pending on their side too i guess.

Then simply wait once more.

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