Nameserver points to where the new site is hosted

I tried to search this but just couldn’t come up with the magic phrasing to bring up a solution. I recently launched a site to production but within the project, I built the site on my resellers hosting server where eventually the domain name will be transferred to where the site is being hosted . Temporarily, however, I have configured custom nameservers at the old hosting provide server A to point to the new server B’s ip.

edit: rephrased for better clarity
Setting up Cloudflare, I changed the nameservers where the files are hosted to Cloudflare’s nameservers and left the nameservers at the old hosting the same as described above. Not surprising, I am getting the status of, " Website not active (DNS modification pending) " still and it’s been 48 hrs.

If I change the nameservers at the old hosting provider to Cloudflare, I’m pretty sure that the site will reflect the old site design. I am just not sure how to configure Cloudflare correctly to use use the service while in transition. We will not transfer the domain until next month

Do I add a cname record in Cloudflare dns that points to the new hosting site or some other form of a similar configuration ie, (adding a cname record to Cloudflare that points to the old server?)

My A records point to hosting IP, cname records are an alias of the domain, mx records are being handled by the domain name but actually I have mail being handled by mailgun.

What do I need to do to correctly use Cloudflare to protect the content hosted at server B while server A still has domain name authority? Is it even possible with the free plan or will I need to wait until the nameserver is transferred?

Best regards and thanks in advance

Whats the domain? I am afraid it is not clear to me what the issue is, but it might be that you changed the nameservers at the wrong place. You dont need to change them with your host but at your registrar. Then you simply point your host records (www, etc.) to wherever you want your site to point to (old or new hosting provider).


Thank you for getting back to me. Sorry for the delayed response, I forgot to set the topic to be watched.

Answering your question, the domain is, it’s registered at at 1and1 and the files are being hosted on my server (resellers account) at Inmotion. I had things configured for Cloudflare but set things back until I can properly set it up right. Here is the way the configuration map was set before I switched it back:

1and1 → Inmotion (Late Nov. the domain will be transferred to my hosting)
Inmotion → to Cloudflare.

I had my nameservers set over at 1and1 so the files hosted at Inmotion were paired with the domain registered at 1and1.

My fear is that if I set the Cloudflare nameservers at 1and1 to point to Cloudflare, I’ll have nothing reflecting the dns records at Inmotion…

So the question is, do I set the dns records like cname and maybe mx of inmotion up at Cloudflare first then place Cloudflare nameservers over at 1and1 or do I set inmotions dns over at 1and1 first?

I’m not even sure what needs to be set first because I’m trying to do this without any downtime and the only way that would wok is setting up 1nd dns records up at Inmotion since right now there dns records aren’t being reflected anywhere.

If this were just two servers I could do this but with 3 servers and one of them only serving the domain, I’m at a loss. I can not wrap my head around it. It makes my brain hurt. :crazy_face::sweat_smile::thinking::laughing:

Thanks in advance.

Cant comment on what happened earlier, but - as you mentioned - right now the nameservers do not point to Cloudflare, hence the domain cant be verified by Cloudflare and hence the message you got.

As for which nameservers you need to set, if you want to use Cloudflare you have to set those which were provided by Cloudflare, nothing else regardless of where your hosting is.


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