Nameserver Pending Update

Hello, i am new here in the community, i have been using Cloudflare for quite some time with several domains, however recently i have come along a strange problem, i updated my nameservers at my registrar and added the domain to my dashboard. However Cloudflare reports a pending nameserver update, the domain and dns do work though, until the domain dissapears from my dashboard and i have to repeat the above steps with the same results :frowning: any idea on what i can do to fix that?


What name servers were assigned to your account? Its showing as Tim & Gina at the moment.

@k.meerts89, a typo it is. Cloudflare asked for tim, whereas you specified tom at your registrar. Fix that typo and it should eventually verify.

Ok thank you i didnt notice this as i usually use a preset i have saved for my registrar guess something went wrong in there, fixed :slight_smile: lets hope that resolves it

Should work now, click the re-check button and it should verify after a while.

yes the site is showing as active now, thanks again i would not have checked that as i my dns did work

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