Nameserver pending status

I have updated nameserver more than 1 week ago and still stuck in same status that is pending name server status, i have checked the ns in whois and the update is reflected everywhere in the world.

What is the domain?

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Hey there @pritam.rebari

Checking on the domains your account has access to, unfortunately I am unable to see any pending domains.

That being said, when you do update domain nameservers at your registrar, It’s important to check if the spelling of the nameservers is correct.

On top of this - use services such as to check the nameservers that are being resolved, also for EPP status codes (that can prevent DNS resolution) and the expiration dates of your domain.

You can then use to look into ay status codes that are in place.

As this appears to be resolved, I’ll mark this ticket as solved also :slight_smile:

yes issue has been resolved , the spelling of the nameservers were wrong which we have updated

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