Nameserver Pending even after updated at registrar

Nameserver has been updated at registrar but Cloudflare says Pending Nameserver Update for more than 24 hours.

Domain Name :

The weird thing is that Cloudflare’s DNS records are working with the domain. However, I cannot issue an origin SSL Certificate as it gives me the error “Site not on Cloudflare”.

I saw someone recommending this URL to change plans from free to free again but it doesn’t seem to work for me - probably because I have 3 accounts accessible from the same account.

NS records aren’t the same as setting a name server at the Registrar.

NS records are DNS. Registrar uses WHOIS to set the authoritative name servers for a domain, which is what you’ll need to do.

I did that. I set nameservers given by Cloudflare in my registrar. I did the same for 7+ domains and all of them work well. However, I am having problems with this domain.

My registrar only allows NS records and I put cloudflare given NS there:
NS 1
NS 2

I used NSLOOKUP online and it shows the nameserver is correct?

Your site currently uses these nameservers: 86400 IN    NS 86400 IN    NS
;; Received 124 bytes from 2001:67c:e0::102#53( in 8 ms

So one of the Cloudflare nameservers is set correctly, but the other is wrong.

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I had both Cloudflare nameservers. I deleted the site from Cloudflare and I now have received another Nameservers.

I have edited the new nameserver on the registrar. I will wait and see what happens.

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