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Hi fellows,

I have registered all my domains successfully at cloudfare but one does not work yet - When I try the change the DNS records at my hoster I get a message that cloudfare does not manage the DNS for this domain and on the dashboard I get “Pending nameserver Update.” I already opened a ticket but maybe some of you can help. As long the domain isn’t registered at cloudfare I cant change the nameserver entries at my registrar.

Thanks for your help in advance


Which two name servers did Cloudflare tell you to use? Right now, you’re using netcup name servers.


Hi sdayman,

Thanks for your response, cloudfare told me to use

but as long the domain is not confirmed registered my provider does not except the change of ns .



I may be misunderstanding your problem, but the domain clearly is registered. What confirmation is needed? Whether the domain is or isn’t hosted on Cloudflare is irrelevant for changing its DNS servers.

Unless there’s some weird .eu rule of which I’m unaware.

the problem is this:

but when I try to change the nameservers at my hoster it says, that te cloudfare nameserers aren’t responsible for .
So the cloudfare ns aren’t accepted and it steps back to the original netcup dns entries what means it takes hours till the domain ist reachable again .
I hope I could make my problem clear.


Hi @user2835,

Sounds like this:

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