Nameserver pendent

é normal ficar mais de 24 horas pendente? eu fiz a atulização no sabado dia 03/12/22.
A Cloudflare funciona em finais de semana?

pending nameserver update” if anyone can help me thanks

You will not have set the correct nameservers, verify that you set exactly what Cloudflare provided you.

What’s the domain?

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My Domain is

That domain appears to be configured all right.

Can you post a screenshot of

How long is it normal to stay pending?

It should not be pending any more.

Desde de sábado dia 03/12 esta pendente alguém sabe se é normal isso??

“Atualização do nameserver pendente”

you posted a .online domain earlier but the screenshot shows a .com. The .online has the nameservers set but you don’t appear to have added it.

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That is not the domain you posted. And that domain does not seem to be registered at all.

You best drop that configuration and first register the domain and make sure that everything works fine and only then use Cloudflare.

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