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I have my domain hosted at OVH but my cloud server is at hostinger. I wanted to configure DNS from OVH to point at Cloudflare’s name server but DNS app displays that Hostinger being your partner, the DNS config should be done from the CPanel from Hostinger. The obvious problem being that my domain being at OVH, I would need the necessary information to configure the nameserver but none of the necessary information can be obtained either on DNS app or on Overview app.

Please help!

It sounds like OVH is your domain registrar, and Hostinger is your website host.

If you’re using Hostinger’s Cloudflare integration, you won’t see name servers listed at Cloudflare. You’d have to disable the Cloudflare integration at Hostinger before you can go direct with Cloudflare DNS.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I did switch off Cloudflare option from my hostinger Cpanel (cf. image)

but that doens’t seem to unlock the overview app on Cloudflare.

This is the partner portal. The best way to fully use Cloudflare’s product is to add a site from Cloudflare’s dashboard. Before you do that, you need to switch off Cloudflare on Hostinger. Then sign in from Cloudflare’s dashboard: After you starting adding a site to Cloudflare then you will be asked to change your name-servers.


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