Nameserver not updating zonefile

I see that my domain has the wrong information in one of the cloudflare’s name servers (Jerry) and teh correct one in another one (drew).

How can this be corrected?

Rather unlikely an issue with Cloudflare. What domain is it and what information are you referring to?

It is Check the A record for the @ and for WWW under Jerry and Drew name servers


For starters, that domain is not on Cloudflare.

Then, neither jerry nor drew are assigned nameservers for now, but they are rick and barbara.

It would seem as if the domain was previously on another Cloudflare account with drew and lola, but has then been moved to rick and barbara. jerry should have never been in the picture.

You need to find out the right nameservers, then change your domain’s nameservers and make sure the correct records are in place. Once that is done you are good to go.

That is the thing, we are trying to enable our website hosted by Kinsta but protected by Cloudflare and because those nameservers still respond for cgiar,org we can’t properly configure in Kinsta.

Ideally, none of the name servers should have information about

Is there anyway to flush it out?

Thank you

You can actively remove the domain from the accounts in question. If you do not have access any more you can only wait until Cloudflare removes them on its own, which should happen sooner or later now that the domain is not using either nameserver.

we do not have access to the account. The one for Jerry has been there for months if not years.

As mentioned, jerry was never used anyway.

But if you say the domain has not been on Cloudflare for months, you probably want to open a support ticket and point out that they should drop it so that you can use it elsewhere.

One thing, they will automatically close the ticket and try to refer you back here, which of course is pointless in this case, but replying twice to the ticket should re-open it. Link to this thread and ask them what you need to provide so that they can drop the domain.

Thanks Sandro, I will try your suggestion.



@purnima, not sure if you handle only billing topics, but if not, maybe you can escalate this. appears to be on two accounts (with aforementioned nameservers) and should be purged from both, so that the mentioned partner setup can go through. Right now it does not point to Cloudflare at all, so I’d assume that should be fine.

@hostmaster13, if you have a ticket (which hopefully didn’t close after the two replies) post the ticket here as reference as well.

Th tiicket number is 2233403

I presume it closed, right? Did you reply twice? Link to the thread too so that they know it’s not yet another how do I add a page rule question :slight_smile:

You can effectively eliminate the area from the records being referred to. On the off chance that you don’t approach any more you can just delay until Cloudflare eliminates them all alone, which ought to happen eventually since the area isn’t utilizing either nameserver.

One would hope so, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to happen. I heard it’s 2 weeks. But I can’t find any public historical data with those name servers.

Without access to the accounts?

Considering the domain seemingly hasn’t used Cloudflare in years, how long should we wait?

You didn’t read the thread, right? :wink:

Would appear as if it got removed from drew and lola, it’s still on rick and barbara though.

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