Nameserver not replicating globally >100 hours

I’m having issues registering a domain to be managed by Cloudflare. The issue seems to stem from nameservers not replicating across the globe. I have waited over 5 days for this replication to occur however this is not completed.

Domain name =

I have raised a ticket with the domain registrar and we have tried changing NS records back to their servers and then linking the relevant NS records back to Cloudflare servers but these entries only ever reach <9 DNS servers across the globe when using DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup to validate.

I have used Cloudflare diagnostic URL and it states that the nameservers are good. However, I can’t register this domain within the console. I continually get an “ is not a registered domain” when trying to add site.

I’m at a loss on what to do next. Thanks in advance for any advice given.


I see DNSSEC to be broken, and domain Registrar status as serverRenewProhibited.

DNSChecker is already showing Cloudflare name servers. You should definitely not set Cloudflare name servers until after your domain is added here. In the mean time, set them back to whatever you had for your working website and wait for them to fully propagate. There’s nothing Cloudflare can do until your registrar figures this out.

I’m not so sure about that because the name servers are so gummed up, but I don’t see DS records in the zone for that domain. Regardless, DNSSEC should always be completely disabled when changing name servers.


Thank you @sdayman this approach has worked. I’m unsure where I got the notion that the NS servers needed to point towards Cloudflare before you could register the domain. Obvious now that that approach is wrong.

Thank you for your assistance. I wish I had come here weeks ago to figure this one out.

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