Nameserver '(name)' could not be registered



I just signed up for the free cloudfare DNS. When I went back to my host provider to update the name servers, I get the message Nameserver ‘(name)’ could not be registered (note that the value for name in parenthesis has been redacted by me).

Is updating the DNS on my host ( with the cloudfare nameserver values something that should be done at the end of the 24 period? Am I doing this too quickly?

I really tried to search on this error and read the instructions, but neither were clear. Thank you for your help.


You shouldnt update the nameservers with your host but with your registrar. Whats your domain?


Wait… I had a typo in the nameserver name. The domain I was using was, not I discovered when verifying the domain in the address bar of my browser. D’oh!

Once I found this and made the correction, my Cloudfare account status changed to ACTIVE.


Now how do I mark this issue as resolved?