Nameserver mismatch - CF hosted domain and DNS

My domain is registered with Cloudflare, but DNS page will not save changes to DNS settings as it claims nameservers are incorrect:


However as Cloudflare doesn’t allow me to change the nameservers, this is broken.

This is particularly bad because someone is using this bug to squat my domain (presumably using another Cloudflare account!)

To confirm, this domain that needs the name servers changed you bought or transferred into Cloudflare?

What do you mean by squat? If they bought the domain, then it is theirs.

I’ve owned the domain for years and transferred it into my Cloudflare account earlier this year. I had Cloudflare set as nameservers when it was with the previous registrar.

My guess is that when transferring in, the process should have updated the nameservers to the ones that are listed but this has ended up in a broken state.

Regarding the squatting, the DNS has somehow been changed to point at someone else’s servers. I should have the authority to fix this as I own the domain but the bug means I can’t change the DNS records as the portal thinks the nameserver is wrong.

Can you confirm the domain is registered via Cloudflare Registrar on the same account that the zone (the domain under the Websites page) is on, not a different Cloudflare account or email address?

Usually Cloudflare Registrar will automatically set the nameservers for you and there’s no way to manually change them. If they are indeed on the same Cloudflare account you will have to contact support to get this corrected. Here’s a link to do that.

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It shows as Active on the Domain Registration page, and I paid money when I transferred it!
I’ve raised a support ticket as suggested, thanks!

Please post the ticket number here, and we can escalate it for you.

Thanks - it’s 2559011

I have escalated the ticket.

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Sent you a reply on the ticket on how to proceed here.

Thanks for your comment. I don’t have access to the ‘other’ DNS zone - that seems to be served from a different Cloudflare account. The current DNS records appear to be squatting, with adverts etc, but the nameservers should never have been pointing at their account as the domain is registered in my account.

Hi @timothy.brown we’re best to let Support work with you on the ticket, I copied myself on it to track progress and added a link to this thread along with some notes for the engineer working the ticket.

Hi Timothy

Our Engineers have applied the fix and have confirmed your Registrar zone is now using your own zones correct nameservers & activated successfully.

Your ticket was also updated.

Thank You

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