Nameserver - Microsoft Teams Calling

Afternoon all,

Background info, we use Microsoft Teams for our calling platform with SIP (direct routing)

Our DNS was held with GoDaddy, today, I changed nameservers to Cloudflare & within 15 minutes, my org was unable to make outbound calls within Teams. I put this down to a propagation issue at first. Waited, but nothing recovered.

Upon switching back to GoDaddy default nameservers, full functionality was restored.

Am I missing something with Cloudflare DNS & nameservers? I did notice none of my CNAME records were showing as propagated, whereas other records (e.g. SRV had propagated) when I noticed this, I changed the CNAME records from Proxy to DNS only & they began to show as propagated, but there was still no recovery in the phone system.

We had moved to Cloudflare to make use of the CDN features for our website, but have put the move on hold due to this issue.

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