Nameserver mess

At some point in the past, our website [paideia-dot-org] was set up with Cloudflare nameservers, and our DNS records still point there. However, we do not have a Cloudflare account, and neither our previous webmaster nor our current host has access to our DNS records in Cloudflare.

Can someone please verify whether or not the above domain is associated with a Cloudflare account (and if so, whose)? Thank you!!

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I understand that it can be frustrating to lose track of who is managing an account and who has access to it. For privacy and security reasons Cloudflare will only ever communicate with the email of the account holder. There are some self-serve account recovery steps that you can try. If those do not work, you will need to move the domain to a new Cloudflare account.

Thanks, already tried the self-serve options to no avail. If I move the domain to a new Cloudflare account, will all the DNS settings be preserved? Is there some way to get the “zone file” for the domain without having access to the original Cloudflare account?

There is not. It would be a privacy and security risk to provide that protected information. You should be able to assemble all of the necessary details information in the new account prior to updating the nameservers at the registrar.

Our nameservers already point to Cloudflare, the problem is that I have no access to the A, Cname records etc. So again, will that info be migrated to the new account along with the domain?

As I stated, no data from the old account will be available in the new account. You will be starting over.

Your nameservers point to the Cloudflare nameservers for the account that you cannot access. They do not point to the nameservers for the new account. There are 2,550 possible combinations.

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