Nameserver issue on my website

My website was functioning well and my contents were intact but when i changed my nameserver to Cloudflare’s nameserver, my recent contents were nowhere to be found… I have to remove the Cloudflare namserver and re-enter my nameserver.
What could be the reason?

Is this for

Yes… for

Could you check that the DNS records shown at Cloudflare are the same as the DNS records shown at your registrar or previous nameserver service?

Hope it helps!


I see it’s currently using Ezoic, so whatever you’re doing in DNS isn’t always compatible with Ezoic.

For starters, make sure you have an “A” record for that’s set to the current 161 IP address that shows at

And then create a CNAME record for www that points to

Set both of those to :grey: DNS Only, just to be sure it’s ok so far.

After that, set your DNS back to your Cloudflare name servers. It can take a day or so for any DNS changes to fully propagate. Keep checking your NS records at to track propagation.

If it looks to be fully propagated, and still works, edit those DNS records, so they’re :orange:, then see if it still works.

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