Nameserver issue fix on urgent basis

Dear Team,

we facing DNS Nameserver issue. Kindly fix the issue on urgent basis

What issue? What domain?

Dear Sir,

website: - this website showing error 522. Please help me to fix it

Error 522 means that Cloudflare can’t connect to your server/web host.

Ensure you have set the correct A/AAAA/CNAME in your Cloudflare DNS and that your server is up and accepting connections from Cloudflare - make sure you are not blocking Cloudflare IP addresses.

You can pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS record to “DNS only”, to check your site works without Cloudflare, debug any issues, then re-enable Cloudflare again.

Make sure your SSL/TLS settings are set to “Full (strict)” so secure connections are made to your server when HTTPS is in use and that your origin SSL and certificate are correctly configured.


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