Nameserver is not registered at dkhostmaster

Hi there,
I am trying to move one of my domains to Cloudflare, but the nameserver does not appear to be registrered at dkhostmaster where I have to move from the previous registrar.
my domain is and the nameserver at Cloudflare is and

Any help is greatly appreciated!


That will be the usual issue with the domain being already active on another Cloudflare account. Use the search for more details.

Either use the other account or remove the domain from that other account.

@sandro I think you miss understand me,
It’s at dkhostmaster where I am trying to change the nameserver for this domain, so I can use cloudflare as nameserver for this domain.
(DK Hostmaster is the administrator for domain names ending in .dk )
And my domain is not active in another account.

What exactly is the issue? Post a screenshot.

I am changing the nameserver for my domain, , from an danish dns registrar (gratisdns) to Cloudflare, I do this from the dkhostmaster website (they are the administrator of .dk domains).

Here is a screenshot of the message, I assume that the this nameserver has not been registered with dkhostmaster.

Hmm, interesting. There are plenty of .dk domains on Cloudflare, so they either did not require a registration or they are registered. In the latter case, it might be that ignat is new and hasnt been registered yet.

I’d open a support ticket with Cloudflare as well as the registrar for clarification.

Got the same problem with “Steven”

Seems like this is a regular recurring issue. I opened a ticket for it, but since I’m on the free plan it’s not prioritized.

I also opened a ticket, and I am also on free plan, and have only gotten auto replies from the bot, so nothing useful yet.

Did you respond to that? Otherwise your ticket might have been automatically closed.

Also, what does the registrar say?

Yes, I did respond to it.

Just got response from Cloudflare support, and they will update the servers I requested at DK-Hostmaster.

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