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Hi everybody. My cloudflare account, changed the nameserver due to unnoticed. Now how can I go back to the old nameserver. I can’t change the new nameserver for the domain, thanks for watching

That looks like the same domain was added to two different Cloudflare accounts.

I can’t change the new nameserver for the domain

Does somebody else have access to your Registrar? They might have added the domain to another account, and changed the nameservers. Can you share the domain?

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no brother. I pointed from the domain registrar using the Namesever provided by Cloudflare. Only I can access my Cloudflare account

This is my Namesever 2 days ago and today I see Namesever cloudflare has been replaced

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I checked, it matches my current nameserver. And my cloudflare account generated 2 new nameservers



as you can see, the 2nd image cloudflare asks me for a new nameserver

only one

Those screenshots are of two different domains, so they won’t necessarily have the same nameservers.


2 domains are sent to 1 cloudflare. What I don’t understand why my cloudflare is changing the nameserver

It doesn’t matter that they are in the same account, while domains often use the same nameservers, there is no guarantee. When you add the domain, it tells you which nameservers to use, and those are the two you should set. You can’t set the nameservers before adding the domain or assume the nameservers that will be given are the same.

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Nameserver will change? I’ve never seen this before, I’m confused

i have used cloudflare intermediary for >600 domains. This is my first time encountering this situation

That’s great for Cloudflare’s data team, but it does not change the fact that nameservers are not account specific. @domjh response is spot-on.


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