Nameserver IP addresses

I need to update the nameservers for a domain to point towards Cloudflares nameservers. However the current registrar requires both a hostname and the IP address for the nameserver. Can anyone confirm the IP addresses for and are static and will not change?

No one will confirm as that’s not a guarantee. It’s normally fine though, set them and the registrar will not actually complain, it’s just bad requirements that no one actually cares about.

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Thanks Matteo. In summary you believe the current registrar in this case (“panelcontrolhosting”… Registrar in spain) Will always try to resolve using the hostname instead of the IP address even though they ask for it? (I tried contacting them directly to ask but not able to get any confirmation.

The registrar won’t literally care, they just want it to validate the first time.

DNS works without that IP you added in there, unfortunately for ccTLDs they require this, some registrars expand it to other domains, too.

Add what’s the current IP, and forget it.


Sounds like a good plan. Thank you!

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