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I have a bit of a situation here at my company. I’m looking to make some DNS changes to our company domain. I contacted our domain registrar and was told they couldn’t help because our Nameserver is with Cloudflare. There is no documentation on our end that references us having any account with Cloudflare, and my inquiry attempt with Cloudflare has been unsuccessful. Any input on how to go about this will be helpful. Thanks.

What is that domain?

Thank you.

That domain shows as registered with godaddy, is that who you contacted?

That is odd, here is what I get

% dig ns +short

Security trails history show no Cloudflare nameservers

I do see it pending in your account waiting on a plan selection (start with free) and nameserver change at godaddy to the two in the account you are using here, see those on this page,

Post back and let us know how you’re progressing.

For anyone reading this downtheline, this tool
will send a reset to the account owner.

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