Nameserver from godaddy but use site ground

I registered with godaddy for web domain. Now I am using site ground for host. Siteground is partner with cloud flare now, but staff in siteground told me I need to change nameservers to point to cloudflare in godaddy (remove siteground’s nameserver). Is this correct? Can I still use siteground ?

Yes, you can still use Siteground for your hosting.

The nameservers tell the Internet where to get your DNS records from. Think of DNS records as being like a telephone directory which lists your address and phone number against your name. In the case of DNS, it’s saying where things like your website and email services are located.

So you would setup your domain in Cloudflare, then within GoDaddy change the nameservers from SiteGround’s to Cloudflare’s. Within the DNS settings in Cloudflare you’d have an A-record which would be the IP address of your Siteground server.

Hope this helps.


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