Nameserver for a domain transfered to Cloudflare

Recently I just transfered my domain from Namesilo to Cloudflare, but I wonder is there anyway for me to point the nameservers to Cloudflare via the Cloudflare’s domain manager?

In namesilo, I can easily change the Nameserver. Is there any field like that in Cloudflare’s domain manager? Thanks in advanced.

If the domain is using Cloudflare Registrar, it should automatically be set to use your name servers. There is no option to change name servers when using Cloudflare Registrar.

Are they set incorrectly?

No, in Namesilo, they are pointing exactly to Cloudflare’s nameserver. That why I wonder what will happen after I transfer the domain.

So I wont need to do anything, because Cloudflare will automatically setup my nameservers to Cloudflare, right?

That is correct…most of the time. If the old registrar does not mess up the name servers during the transfer, you will be ok. If Namesilo does change them, Cloudflare Support can fix it.

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