Nameserver error - search declined

Hi! I went to try changing my old nameserver to the new one from cloudflare and returned an error - search declined. Because of this error I cannot change the nameserver.

How could I solve this problem?

PS: I already have a website that works on this nameserver and it works very well.

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What is the domain? And you can you post a picture of the error?

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Never heard of NS Master & Slave, you sure this is about editing the NameServer and not something else?

Yes, I’m sure. The DNS is changed by this registration platform here in Brazil. They use these names.

Cann you apply any other NameServers?
If you they may have blocked CloudFlare?

May just contact them, after you calidated the CF NS are valid ones which properly work.
This problem (at least for me) seems not to be related to CF, also the Error Code does not lead to this direction.

Pls contact your Registrator

Finally proper naming :slight_smile:

@junior1, why would you specify these nameservers? Where did you take them from? Cloudflare does not appear to have assigned your domain to them.

Post a screenshot of your domain’s DNS screen on Cloudflare.

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Or have you not yet added the domain to Cloudflare but already want to specify some random names? That wouldnt work. You first need a working pair of nameservers, then add the domain to Cloudflare, and only then set whatever Cloudflare has assigned at that point.

thanks for the reply sandro!

I just copied the nameserver that the CF passed. Would it be another address?

Hmm, that should actually work. Might be a similar issue as not accepting Cloudflare nameservers then.

I’d suggest to open a support ticket.

Oi Junior, estou com o mesmo problema.
Ao consultar o nslookup retorna refused

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